Alexander Center

Businessman, head of the A-100 group of companies, chairman of the Belarusian Federation of Aviation Sports.

Minsk, Belarus

Original name:

Tsenter Aliaksandr

Date of Birth



Alexander Center was born in Minsk.


In the 1990s, got an engineering degree and worked in a design bureau for a year. He bought a GAZ-53 gasoline truck and opened the first container gas station in Minsk. In 1995 the entrepreneur opened the first stationary gas station and increased the fleet to 9 gasoline trucks.  The company got the name “A-100” from the octane number 100, which is the octane number of aviation fuel. 

Brief development of the filling station: 1996 – accepts electronic cards “Berlio” for payment and issues its own fuel coupons; 1997 – the first car vacuum cleaners in Belarus; 2000 – the first gas-filling station and car washing services in the country; 2001 – compressors for tire inflation; 2003 – electronic control over the amount of fuel in the tanks; 2007 – trailer rental service; 2008 – car insurance service; 2009 – own bonus card; 2014 – own bonus card; 2014 – launch of the first electric vehicle charging station in Belarus.

On January 1, 2015, all stations started serving customers in the Belarusian language, thanks to a four-month training program “Mova nanova” (eng.: “Language anew”). A team of translators from this program provided their services by translating, without charge, signs and posters at gas stations, as well as more than 3,000 price tags. In addition, phrasebooks for staff were developed. These innovations contributed to the growth of sales by increasing the number of Belarusian customers, particularly among the younger generation.

In 2001, his company A-100 Development started building a dacha settlement. The company built the district “Novaya Borovaya” near the Moscow Ring Road on the site of an old airfield. For this, the entrepreneur built a new airfield “Lipki” to the state.

“A-100 Development” built 22 out of 35 gas stations “A-100”, business center “A-100” in Minsk, residential quarter “Zeleny Bor” (Lesnoy settlement, Minsk district) and numerous roadside and metropolitan stores.

In the summer of 2020 A-100 became the general partner of hockey Dynamo.

Personal Life

Married, has three daughters and a son.


  • 10th place among the largest businessmen of Belarus in the traditional rating of "Ejednevnik" for 2021.


He is fond of cycling, plays golf.

Heads the Belarusian Federation of Aviation Sports. Civil aviation pilot. He personally brought a Cessna 182 from the United States, the plane cost the businessman 235 thousand dollars.

In 2018, the businessman made a round-the-world flight on a light single-engine airplane together with his friend Andrei Borisevich. The flight lasted 29 days and passed mainly over Russia, the US and the Atlantic.

Speeches at conferences


Belarusian Polytechnic Institute (BGPA, BNTU)
Optical and Mechanical Faculty

Mechanical engineer


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