Belprauda is a
directory of the most prominent natives of Belarus.

Belprauda contains biographies of those Belarusians who have influence not only inside the country but also outside it. Our catalogue includes politicians, businessmen, musicians, writers, science representatives, activists and other notable personalities. We plan to become an authoritative source of biographical information about famous natives of Belarus.

Andrej Stryzhak

Human rights activist, head of the BYSOL Solidarity Fund

Pavel Latushko

Political, state and public figure, deputy head of the Joint Transitional Cabinet of Belarus

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya

Political and public figure, activist, head of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus

Anton Motolko

Belarusian photographer, blogger, founder of online project "MotolkoPomogi" and Belarusian Hajun Project

Marina Zolotova

Editor-in-chief of the Internet portal TUT.BY, Belarusian journalist, political prisoner

Yuri Chizh

Entrepreneur, owner of Triple Ltd

Ales Bialiatski

Belarusian human rights activist, chairman of the Human Rights Center "Viasna"

Svetlana Alexievich

Writer, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature

Sergey Levteev

Chairman of the Board of IBA Group

Sergey Gvardeitsev

Founder of Itransition

Alexey Zhukov

General Director of Alutech Group of Companies

Gennady Kireykov

Businessman, co-owner of RAPA group of companies

Oleg Khusaenov

Entrepreneur, founder of “Zubr Capital”, a private equity fund management company, and “Atlant-M” car dealer

Alexander Center

Businessman, head of the A-100 group of companies, chairman of the Belarusian Federation of Aviation Sports

Yuriy Zisser

Programmer, businessman, founder and co-owner of the Belarusian Internet project TUT.BY

Viktor Prokopenya

Entrepreneur, investor, founder of investment company VP Capital

Mikita Mikado

Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of PandaDoc

Yuri Gurski

Entrepreneur, writer, founder, and CEO of Palta and Flo Health, Inc.

Arkadiy Dobkin

CEO; Founder, EPAM Systems

Victor Kislyi

Co-owner, CEO of Wargaming