Andrej Stryzhak

Human rights activist, head of the BYSOL Solidarity Fund

Original name:

Andrei Stryzhak

Vilnius, Lithuania

Date of Birth



Hometown Rechitsa, Gomel region. Graduated from school № 10 in Rechitsa.

Speaks Russian, Belarusian, Polish, German, Ukrainian and English.

Social Activities

In 2015 he organized the initiative “Humanitarian Route Belarus – ATO”, which delivered humanitarian aid to Donbass for five years. Worked as a documenter of war crimes. 

Since 2017 he was also one of the organizers of the BYhelp initiative, which raised funds and counteracted the law “on deadbeats”.

In March 2020. Andrey Strizhak became one of the organizers of the large-scale volunteer initiative #BYCOVID19. Volunteers provided assistance to hundreds of medical centers in Belarus, delivered personal protective equipment: respirators, masks, shoe covers, armbands, shields and medical devices. On June 27, 2020 it was announced that #BYCOVID19 was stopped.

When mass repression started after the presidential election in Belarus, another structure appeared – the BYSOL Solidarity Fund. It is a non-profit non-governmental organization that organizes fundraising to support victims of repression in the Republic of Belarus. It works to support political prisoners, yard initiatives, retraining of those fired for political reasons, also deals with emergency relocation of people outside the country and personal collections.

With the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the Foundation also became involved in helping Ukraine. There are two directions, the first one is humanitarian, where medical supplies and sanitary transportation are sent. The second is assistance to Belarusian volunteers, all units that exist and are verified. As well as money transfers to support the families of the dead and wounded.

Personal Life

Married. Has two children: Alexey and Albert.


Gomel State University named after Francysk Skaryna
Faculty of Philology


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