Sergey Gvardeitsev

Founder of Itransition

Original name:

Siarhei Hvardeitsev

Austin, Texas, United States of America

Date of Birth

April 1, 1974


Sergei spent his childhood years in the Estonian cities of Haapsalu and Võru. In 1980 his family moved to Postavy, located in the Vitebsk region. 

In 1990 he became a student of the BSU Lyceum, and in 1992 he was admitted to the BSU Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics.

He changed his place of residence several times during his life: in 2016 he chooses Riga to live in. By the mid-2010s, thanks to Itransition’s success in the American market, Gvardeitsev moves to the United States. After the US, Sergei and his family choose Malta for a short period of time, where he becomes a citizen, and then moves to Jurmala.


Since 1994, Sergei, without stopping his studies, started his career at IBA. Soon he becomes one of the youngest department heads in this company.

By 1996 Gvardeitsev decides to change his career path and moves to BelHard Group, where he gets the opportunity to manage a new project with full autonomy. Taking his students into the team, Sergei did not miss a beat: many of them are now key figures in Itransition and other IT companies. 

By 1998, he was founding his own project – Itransition – inside BelHard, starting with five team members and one client.

In 2018, Sergey invests in Russian agribusiness, focusing on potato products. He, in partnership with Vitaly Sobol, becomes co-owner of Maxim Gorky Plus, a potato flakes factory, as well as farmland in the Tula and Bryansk regions. At the moment, 75% of this company belongs to Sergei.

Personal Life

In the process of divorce, four children (two sons and two daughters).


Creator of the regional academic center SAP on the basis of BSUIR.


Belarusian State University
Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics


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